Employees are the most important asset of WYG International.
That is why we place such an emphasis on qualifications, competences, experience and the satisfaction of our staff.

WYG International experts are high class qualified advisors and consultants with knowledge and experience gained in all sectors of the economy.
We are part of the British WYG group, quoted on the London Stock Exchange, a brand with fifty years of experience in the scope of social-economic, business and engineering advisory services.

The core of our team consists of:

  • economists
  • lawyers
  • sociologists
  • engineers
  • employment and human resources advisors.

WYG International Sp. z o.o. currently employs over 200 people. A group consisting of a couple hundred cooperators – consultants and trainers – covers the territory of the entire country, thanks to which we can successfully provide our services in all the regions of Poland as well as outside its boundaries.

We are a market leader in managing multidisciplinary social-economic and infrastructure projects, which are co-financed from European Union funds.


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