Employment Market, Education and Social Development

Labour Market, Education and Social Development

specialises in human resources development. Our team of experts has concluded and implemented projects within the scope of the World Bank, PHARE and the European Social Fund working with partners in national, regional and local governments, and the private sector. In the early years of our presence in Poland our activities touched many aspects of the social and economic changes that transformed the country as it prepared for accession into the European Union. The company was the largest manager of capacity building and training projects in the country under programmes financed by the EU, giving it a very high profile as one of Poland’s most well-known management consultancies, regularly featuring in the media. Project management is a our key competency and our operations have been streamlined around a process-based management model with developed sophisticated tailor-made IT system for project management which ensure safe delivery and strict financial control of projects.

We specialise in the following 3 dimensions of Human Resources Development:

  • Development of labour market and services for labour market institutions: activation of the unemployed, vocational counseling, job counseling, motivational trainings, interpersonal workshops, training courses aimed at increasing vocational qualifications of the unemployed as well as job-searching persons, specialistic advisory services provided for labour market institutions, specialistic tailored services for local labour offices and development of skills of their employees, training courses for employees of Public Employment Service
  • Development of education and provision of services for educational institutions: methodical trainings according to MES concept: Modules of Employable Skills, professional standards of qualifications, projects in aid of education development including long-life learning concept, training courses for institutions representing education system, educational training courses for private sector, post-graduate method of tuition and educational services for publishing houses.
  • Social development and development of services for social institutions, including social integration issues, projects for marginal groups of the society and those threatened with social exclusion, projects for minority groups excluded from the society as well as dealing with pathological and social problems, development of public social care, NGO’s and public administration, activation of disabled: providing training courses in favour of activation within labour market, providing various researches and evaluations in the area of social development e.g. in-depth research of migration paths of PES and social assistance clients.

Our department has established contacts and long-term relations with various level stakeholders including local, regional and national level authorities and business partners from following sectors:

  • Public Sector
  • Central government and national institutions
  • Regional government and institutions
  • Local (cities, towns) governments and institutions
  • Private sector
  • Large enterprises
  • SMEs
which is of immeasurable value for providing our services to highest quality.


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