EU project management

For many years now WYG International in an unquestioned leader in managing projects financed from European Union funds. Our experience is primarily a result of carrying our numerous PHARE Social-Economic Cohesion projects. We have also successfully completed a number of projects financed with funds from the Know-How Fund and World Bank. This has given us valuable insight in the factual and organizational aspects of the implementation of the largest multidisciplinary programs involving social interventions and innovative initiatives on the employment market. We have a reliable Management Information System (MIS), which is an example of using innovative methods of managing large, complex and geographically dispersed projects. The MIS system allows for real-time and online monitoring of the simultaneous implementation of numerous projects in an unlimited number of locations.

Taking advantage of our unique past experience, we have transferred our knowledge and experience onto initiatives financed from the European Social Fund maintaining a few basic and reliable principles:

  • Accepting the key role of project beneficiaries – each project is aimed at supporting people or institutions. We acknowledge their priorities and our project activities are a response to their identified needs,
  • Building potential – we promote the principle, that each project may constitute an important element of strengthening the potential of people, institutions and environment for which that project is designed. We constantly pay attention to not how much we can give, but how much the beneficiaries are able to accept within the project duration and correctly utilize for their own development,
  • Cooperation based on partnership – we believe, that each project brings additional value coming from learning from each other. Each partnership arrangement is much more successful if it takes advantage of the knowledge and experience of all parties involved,
  • Sustainability – while creating and implementing projects, we ensure that the developed solutions will continue to be used in the future,
  • Constant improvement of management quality – in the process of completing projects, we constantly acquire experience, which we creatively use in subsequent projects. That is why each project is managed and implemented with more efficiency,
  • Optimization of activities – we are aware, that each project is part of a larger whole. We see both the national aspects of a project as well as the local and individual conditions. We use all of this, which raises the efficiency of project implementation and minimized barriers and limitations.

We specialize in managing human resources projects addresses to the public sector, companies undergoing restructuring and companies from the small and medium sector. We comprehensively implement complex advisory services and training initiatives regardless of whether the beneficiaries are unemployed, employees of public administration institutions or employees of commercial entities. These projects have the objective of a widely understood development of human resources, improving staff skill, development of professional competences, strengthening company competitiveness, adjusting professional profiles of corporate employees and people searching for employment to current and future requirements of the labor market.

Some of our most popular services include the following:

  • Labor market research and analyses,
  • Professional job advisory services,
  • Training improving professional qualifications,
  • Job agency services,
  • Advisory services for public institutions and companies from the scope of analyzing training needs, carrying out training policies, using flexible forms of employment, professional development etc.

Our experience and area of interests also includes the following project scope:

  • Local development with particular focus on increasing employment,
  • Pacts on behalf of employment and public-private partnership,
  • Solving social issues, including unemployment, social exclusion, integration of the job market,
  • Development of the entrepreneurial spirit by developing the human resources of companies,
  • Vocational education,
  • Strengthening the potential of labor market institutions and non-government organizations.

WYG International has a large team of staff experienced in managing projects and a couple hundred of cooperating experts. Accepting even the most complex project does not constitute an avalanche of workload but a fluent continued use of current resources.


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