Public Relations and Marketing Consulting

WYG International – PR and Marketing Consulting is part of WYG International Sp. z o.o., specializing in the area of social communication, public relations and territorial marketing.

It gathers experienced consultants from the area of public relations, marketing, media, sociology and graphics, cooperating with numerous journalists, analysts, make-up artists, photographers and photo reporters throughout the country.

We provide the following services at the highest level of professionalism and work ethics:

  • Preparing and implementing communication strategies and media strategies,
  • Creating and implementing territorial marketing strategies and plans,
  • Marketing analyses,
  • Relations with local social groups,
  • Social corporate responsibility,
  • Media relations,
  • Crisis management,
  • Organizing events and events for special occasions,
  • Internal communication,
  • Radio and television productions,
  • Creation for promotional publications,
  • Media training,
  • Training from the scope of auto-presentation and public appearances.

We create trust between organizations and their market environment, we look after our client’s image making every effort to ensure their social and business activity is met with understanding and acceptance.

In the area of Public Relations we search for unique and creative solutions because we know, that only involvement and professional passion, combined with the knowledge and experience of WYG International consultants, results in both our own as well as our clients’ satisfaction.

The strength of WYG International – Public Relations and Marketing Consulting are people. Not only consultants specializing in communication, media and Public Relations but also other company employees who have the knowledge and experience in all sectors of the economy – lawyers, economists, engineers, human resources and personal advisors. This allows us to complete even the most complex projects. It also gives us better understanding of client specifics and allows us to adjust to their needs as well as combine the Public Relations service offer with other activities offered by WYG.

Ever since the year 1999, we continuously complete nationwide and regional information and promotion economic and social campaigns dedicated to increasing the competitiveness of particular industries and market sectors, economic activation of regions and Poviats, activation of the employment market, increasing entrepreneurship, social development, minimizing the negative effects of industry restructuring, promoting examples of best practices and projects as well as social education campaigns.


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